Play To Learn

Remember as a child how much of your time involved play? Whether it involved Barbies, Legos, or creating an empire in your backyard based off a leaf-based currency, you were…


Measuring DevOps Maturity

Incorporating DevOps into your organization is not a zero-sum game. It is a journey. And like most journeys, it can be measured. When measuring your DevOps journey, you need to show progress as well as setbacks. Additionally, it’s critical that you make sure these measurements are accurate, automated, and visible—just like your DevOps.


Should Architects Write Code? You Bet They Should!

There’s a common misconception that’s permeated our profession: Architects don’t need to write code to do their jobs. Now, this may seem like a harmless approach. After all, writing code is what developers do. And architects should be busy with more important tasks. However, keeping architects from writing code can limit the potential of your development teams. It can also result in an architectural mess when requirements and business needs change.


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