What Are the Biggest Commenting Fails You’ve Seen?

We often focus on code fails. But what else have we seen and done that makes us drop our heads in shame and frustration? What else do we laugh (and cringe) at when reading code? The comments! Whether they’re redundant, unreadable, confusing, or there’s just no comments at all, we can learn a lot from failure. And to spice things up, I’m going to throw in a biking analogy. You’re not sure if that’ll work? Me neither. But let’s go on this ride together and find out.


Where Self-Documenting Code Falls Short

You’re a clean coder. You use descriptive names for everything. You’ve refactored your app into a shrine of single responsibilities. Even your slightly crazy, off-the-grid uncle can follow the code. (Hi, Uncle Joe!) The app not only documents itself, it documents life. Or does it?


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